Estate Planning & Administration

A true estate plan involves a thoughtful evaluation of each of your assets and the best way for your chosen beneficiaries to receive them.

The best planning advisors are those who have the experience and expertise to guide you through the decisions that accommodate the wide variety of potential future events. At Home Savings our certified estate planner will help you complete the planning you need. Here are ways we can help simplify the process:

  • Review and explain the current estate or business succession plan you have in place.
  • Ensure the right assets are in the right place when it is time for the plan to be funded.
  • Help you identify the right professionals to complete the plan – or we can work with your existing team to make any updates or changes.

Why Choose Home Savings?

  • We provide experience and expertise to help take the burden off family members or friends to administer the estate during a difficult time.
  • We can work with your trusted legal counsel to carry out your wishes.

Doctors, business owners, lawyers, accountants, directors of publicly traded companies and anyone who has a risk of a lawsuit can benefit from a DAPT. You don’t have to be an Ohio resident to create an Ohio trust, however the assets need to be held in Ohio by the trustee. In fact, people who live in states with high rates of litigation are moving assets into Ohio DAPTs to ensure their protection.

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