As a community bank, we believe it's our responsibility to develop strong roots in each community we serve through charitable donations, financial education and employee involvement. We maintain a strong presence in a variety of service organizations, charitable causes and public efforts, and our employees are active members of civic groups, economic development programs, educational projects and urban revitalization efforts. Our employees believe in taking a personal role in making a difference throughout the community. From pitching in on a single project to ongoing organizational commitments, Home Savings employees work hard in their spare time to help improve the quality of life for all.

Financial Literacy Initiative

To respond to the growing need for improving financial literacy, Home Savings is committed to developing and implementing educational programs for both youth and adults. Bank employees volunteer their time at local schools to present hands-on educational programs designed to raise students' awareness about the responsible use of credit and the importance of saving money. Our employees also provide education for adults to provide a better understanding of everything from sensible savings practices, to investment options, to realizing the dream of homeownership. We're willing and able to provide presentations and information on any banking/financial topic to any group: school, civic, social or otherwise!

We are all better together!