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Overdraft protection

Overdraft Privilege and your Home Savings ATM/Debit Card transactions

You can rest easy knowing that you’ll always have access to cash with your Home Savings ATM or Debit Card…as long as you opted in to Overdraft Privilege for that card. Federal regulations require you tell us you want to opt in for all ATM and one-time debit card transactions. So if you want our Overdraft Privilege service to cover these transactions, you need to let us know!

Of course, we don’t encourage overdrawing your account, but we do realize you might need this service due to unintentional errors. There’s no cost unless you actually do overdraw your account. Log in to Online Banking or contact your nearest branch office to opt in today.


*$32 overdraft fee per transaction (transaction amounts less than $32, the overdraft fee will equal the amount of the transaction). Accounts overdrawn for five consecutive calendar days incur an additional $10 fee for every five days the account remains overdrawn. See terms and conditions of your account disclosure for details.